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Thursday, 11 November 2010

QSO Dating idea

HamDate © is a dating service for radio amateurs. Okay it does not exist yet but it could. The idea is you announce the frequency you are listening on and mode via the Internet and then your QSO 'date' calls you on that frequency. The purists will howl, but as self spots are frowned on, on the DX cluster there is room for a service of this type. It might be a good way to fill in those blanks needed for that DXCC. This could be done as a website if someone wanted to start one or as an extension to the DX cluster, but there is a quicker and simpler way of getting this going and that is by using Twitter. Simple post a message with #HamDate in the title, the frequency or frequencies where you are listening and a short message, such as "looking SSB for contacts from US"and a start/end time when you will be listening.

I always thought Twitter was an application looking for a true purpose, this could be one use.

HamDate © and the idea behind it is copyright and its use is restricted to non-profit implementations only with permission of the author of this blog.


  1. Check out hamspots.net and qrpspots.com

    -chris N2YYZ

  2. Both those site just harvest spots from the DX Cluster. The idea is to tell people where you are calling/listening rather than be spotted. Self spots on the DX Cluster are thought to be bad.

    I think Twitter could be ideal as you can set up a search to grab messages with #HamDate and even have them sent as texts to your mobile telephone.