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Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Four Metre Alternative AT-5189

Interest in the 70MHz (4m) amateur radio band has been on the increase recently. It started with various ex-PMR rigs like the Ascom SE550 flooding the market. It was amazing to see the prices of those used rigs shoot up from were you could buy 10 for a fiver to where they are today, lucky to get a battered one for under £60 on eBay. Then along came the Wouxun KG-699 4m handie and suddenly a whole new market opened up. It started by word of mouth and SOTA activators keen to do something different latched on to them. Previous ex-PMR bricks meant 4m portable was a rarity, not anymore it wasn't. Admittedly the Icom IC-E90 had been around a while but take up was slow due to the high price and the fact that most would be buyers probably had a dual band handie they were perfectly happy with. The Wouxum was cheap and cheerful and did a great job for a small outlay. When I finally saw one had been thoroughly tested and was as RF clean as anything the majors made I got one too. I was blown away and told anyone who would listen and probably quite a few who wouldn't to get one.

Perusing the Martin Lynch website a few days ago I spotted the MyDEL ML-5189 or AT-5189 4m Mobile in their list of new products. This rig is another made in China and badged under various names but this is the first time I have seen them on sale in the UK. The rig is actually available in 66 to 88MHz, 135 to 175MHz and 400-490MHz versions. The 4m and 2m versions are 60w/25W/10W output and the 70cms version 40w/25W/10W. Martin Lynch and Son only seem to have the 4m version at present. They say in the advertisment; "With the massive increase in 4m activity thanks to the new Wouxun KG-699 4m handie, along comes this new 60W 4m mobile". I wonder if this rig will sell as well as well as the Wouxun?, at £149.95 it may.

There has already been some discussion on various forums about this radio, but no-one has yet bought one to give it a good once over. Is it as good or better than the Ascom SE550? What does the test gear say about its output? Hopefully the truth will out soon, before the sceptic dismiss it out of hand as a bit of junk. Maybe I will put one on the Christmas list and try it for myself. It can't be any worse than my AKD 4001 can it? Sorry Garex! It got me on the band but it really is a pile of crap.

Update: I just ordered one so a review coming here soon.

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  1. Ahh I see the overtime done the other day has now been spent...(nice one )
    The rule of Head of the Christmas pile list still applies then .

    Daddy First

    Mummy second
    (but not if she spots the money in the bank account first aaay)
    does that mean a new antenna on the chimney or another hole drilled in the roof of the Landy ???