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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Anthrax, Ham Radio and Liquor

"Anthrax, ham radio and liquor" sing Clutch in their song '50,000 Unstoppable Watts'. I really don't know what the guy is on about even after reading the lyrics, but I like their sound. The band is pretty heavy so not for all tastes. I assume he means the thrash metal band Anthrax which is a bit too hardcore for my tastes but I can relate to ham radio and liquor. I have some fairly wide musical tastes from classical through to metal depending on my mood.

Lyrics here - Unstoppable Watts-Clutch

I think I will go and lie in a dark room and listen to some Mozart now to calm me down again. Just for the record my favourite classical composers are Liszt and Wagner but I consider most of the works of Mozart to be as close to perfection as it is possible to get.


  1. I'm more of a Tchaikovsky and Dvorak man myself. though I would agree with you about Mozart. As for ham radio and liquor, I can relate to that too, but the combination can lead to some ill-advised and expensive eBay purchases on a Friday night. :)

  2. I like Tchaikovsky and Dvorak (and many others too). I have the 1812 Overture with real cannons it is the only CD I have ever played that actually shook pictures off the wall. Two sets of speakers at 120 watts per channel with the amp just bellow where the sound started to distort. Awesome! The neighbours were away and everyone else was out so no complaints. Just had to see what it would do. Never played any heavy metal that hard or I would probably be "what did you say?".

    Ham radio and liquor can be a good combination when it is blowing force 10 with vertical rain drops the size of beach balls, like it is here now, with no Sat TV reception and no reason to leave the house.