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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Wouxun Mobile Dual Bander

Longtime readers and on air friends will confirm that a couple of years ago when I saw the first Wouxun handheld I declared that this Chinese manufacturer was going to give the major Japanese names a good kicking. I suggested that more features would be followed by better quality and that the next step would be mobile radios. Since then the radios have gone mainstream with dealers in both the UK and US dispelling the fears of some that these were cheap rubbish and probably illegal. Sure they are cheap but they are neither rubbish or illegal and in fact outperformed many radios cost five times as much. I can now say "I told you so" as Wouxun have unveiled the KG-UV920R dual band mobile rig. 50/25/5w VHF/40/20/5w UHF RX/TX with AM 500-2000KHz/FM 65-220MHz and LW 150-500 KHz reception. Put me on the list, I will have one or two if the pricing is as competitive as that of the handies.


  1. Mmmmm nice looking radio does it do crossband repeater as well???? good for Emergency Comms..

    Now lets see..
    Dual band h/h came in first via Ebay
    which one of the "Gang of Five " will be the First to get this one as "official Importer" ..
    Will it be here in time for Llandudno Rally 30/31st October
    nice for something to be launched for once North of Watford Gap......

  2. Yes it does cross-band.

    Martin Lynch is the official UK importer.

    No it will not be at Llandudno Rally 30/31st October.

    Official line is on sale 1st quarter 2011. Unofficially I hear January is the target date.

    I expect to see them on eBay direct from China before the UK/US get any and at around $200 US so probably £200 UK plus postage (£35). Expect to see M&L selling them £250-265 and maybe £299 with the remote head kit and programming cable. That would still make it £100 cheaper than the nearest competitor.

    Suspect they will be piled high at the Blackpool rally and sell like hot cakes.