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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Kenwood TS-590S Llandudno

I asked Waters and Stanton PLC the question "Will you have the Kenwood TS-590S at the Llandudno Rally?" They replied "It's touch & go, they're due to arrive Friday but if they'll arrive before the team leaves for Llandudno is in the lap of the gods!" I do hope so, I really want to see one in the flesh. I would wait a while for all the reviews to come out before buying one however, not only to see if they are as good as Kenwood claim but also in case of any teething troubles.

There are so many interesting new rigs due out with the Icom IC-9100 and the Wouxun KG-UV920R Mobile Dual Band number one and three of my wish list to get my hands on, but it is nice to see that at least Kenwood have their rig headed for the dealers shelves. Although it does not look that special if the Kenwood TS-590S lives up to its expectations it will be the rig for the DXer on a budget. It's super sensitive receive would make it ideal for the SOTA chaser listening for weak portable stations like me. However I doubt it will stop me lusting after the Icom 9100. I'll just have to do some overtime and get both.


  1. I wouldn't swap either of them for my K3.

  2. This looks, so far, a nice piece of kit but strongly suggest waiting 6 months or so before opening the wallet on any new rig. Keep in mind the past experience of "updates" to all manufacturers' new introductions.

    Also, does it really take THREE control; actions to change keyer speed if the other station needs you to do so??

  3. Well that would be nice, to see a radio "Launched" at Llandudno, now all we need is for Icom UK to turn up and Launch the 9100 How about the Guy,s from Wouxun as well, Be nice for the North to get a bit of publicity, instead of all the major dealers doing it round London ......
    There is more than coal and sheep north of Watford gap(BUT not much else, baaa the odd stick of rock..!!)

  4. Just so you know... I did get this message from W&S. "GW7AAV I'm afraid the Kenwood TS-590S hasn't arrived yet and the guys have had to leave, sorry about that."

  5. Sandy Brucesmith6 November 2010 at 12:17

    Received my TS-590 this week.
    It is a real gem.
    Very easy to use and the atu is sweet.
    Compared to my TS-930, I will not be disapointed,
    First 3 qso,s were into the middle east from NZ using a windom 100 watts .. 5x7 reports

    Sandy ZL2KL