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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Early History of Radio

Wednesday 13th of October Mold and District Amateur Radio Club had a presentation by Dave GW8NZN entitled "The Early History of Radio with references to Wales", which took us from the very first days of the discovery of the electromagnetic spectrum to the start of broadcast radio.

I personally found the talk fascinating and even though I was aware of a lot of the information it was good to see it presented in a chronological order. We could probably have gone on all night with the masses of supplementary data Dave had brought with him. It was Dave's first attempt at presenting this talk and he did very well, but I am sure it will get slicker if he can show it at other clubs. I know our smokers were gagging for a fag by the end and I warned everyone to double up on there drinks but the fact that it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop right to the end tells me other people enjoyed it too.

If you would like to hear this talk at your club please contact Dave his details are on his QRZ page or contact me and I will forward your information to him.

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