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Sunday, 31 October 2010

DAB Figures Slipping

The somewhat ill thought up forced switch from analogue to digital broadcast radio seems to be faltering. Figures just out show that radio listening is at an all time high, but more people are listening via their TVs and the Internet than are listening to DAB. Despite a high profile advertising campain starring Stephen Fry the take up on the governments analogue scrappage scheme was low and despite the promotion listener figures have remained nearly flat. In fact according to the latest Rajar (Radio Joint Audience Research) figures, DAB's share of UK radio listening fell from 15.8 per cent in the second quarter of this year to 15.3 per cent in the third quarter. In the same period the share of listening achieved by traditional AM and FM radios actually increased, from 67.0 per cent to 67.6 per cent. The target set by Labour, and adopted by the current coalition government, is fifty percent take up by 2015. The present rate of growth suggests this is not likely to be achieved in the time frame.

This news should please Dr. R. B. Mannion G3XFD Editor of Practical Wireless magazine and the driving force behind the Save Analogue Radio Campaign. You can throw your support behind the campain by clicking here.

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