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Friday, 22 October 2010

A callsign to remember

Hi to Tim KJ4YWR over in Virginia whose ham radio call has come through. Tim is my cousin Elaine's husband and he just passed his is Technician's amateur radio exam (see my previous posts). According to Elaine she will be doing the Technician's exam in November, while Tim goes for his General class licence. Good luck to them both. She also tells us they are immersing themselves in the hobby. Tomorrow they are intending an informal ham get together that occurs every Saturday in a local diner and the Sunday they are off to a hamfest in Maryland. Tim has already noted that the hill nearest the hamfest is four points for Summits on the Air. I hope they have tight hold on that credit card as they are about to experience that "I want it all and I want it now!" feeling that you get at you first couple of visits to such an event. Combined with the "I am not really sure what I need yet" feeling of the newly licensed it can be a dangerous and expensive combination.

Tim thinks his call is a bit of a mouthful but KJ4 You Will Remember sounds quite memorable to me.

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  1. Firstly, congratulations to Tim on getting his "Ticket" all be it the first one, hope the upgrade goes well .
    Second, great to hear Elaine is going down the same road , that does have its Upside and Downside as my wife is also licensed..
    the only major problem is that you can never ever now tell a little fib like , but darling that only cost £5 or $5 or 5 yen , as what was your little bit of escape is gone forever, as you now find your copy of QST / RADCOM /Practical Wireless not where you left it but by HER side of the bed ...!!!!!
    B U T it does have advantages , my XYL bought me /us our 60 ft wind up, tilt over, tower (I just had to put the base in, assemble the tower put the rotator on all the antennas ,coax and then wind it up ....!!!!(MMMM who got the better end of the deal )
    I will agree with steve , you can have fun with amateur radio on little or no budget(in your dreams ..!!!) you can never get divorced now because A. you spent all the money on amateur radio B. you both want the home that is in a good location
    C. you cant afford the lawyers that will have to say who gets h/f home base mobile ect ect ect .....

    Do not forget the
    "Ham,s prayer"

    Welcome to the "Forever Poor club"

    just one more gizzmofreenick PLEASE Darlng..