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Monday, 2 August 2010

Privacy is dead

I spotted this little gem on the Southgate ARC news page and if I read the Ofcom information right, those radio amateurs (and other users of the radio spectrum) of you who want to keep your details secret for whatever reason are not going to be happy. Apparently unless you can show a need to keep your details secret for reasons such as 'National Security' will not be able to opt out of having them publish on a list.

Ofcom is preparing to open up its radio licence database, so anyone who wants to keep their transmissions secret needs to let the regulator know before 12 November.

The change comes because radio waves are now considered "emissions", and "emissions" come under the remit of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR).

Ofcom consulted on the matter, and has now concluded that it is obliged to share the transmitter details and will start doing do next year.

Read the full article by Bill Ray on the Register at

Ofcom update: Providing spectrum information

I don't keep my details hidden but I understand why people do and it is very worrying to some people that thieves may use their details to break in and steal their valuable and cherished radio gear. No doubt these are the same people who are concerned with Google Street View and the like. It seems ironic that on the one hand we are told to keep our details to ourselves because of identity theft and yet the same politicians are allowing our rights to privacy to be eroded by publishing lists, and photographing us wherever we go. Someone said to me "that if you have nothing to hide you should not worry", but one day I might have reason to hide, one day I might want to topple a dictator, one day I might be part of a resistance. By letting these big brother tactics slowly filter in to everyday life when the time comes resistance will be futile.


  1. All your comments very true.

    Quite worrying!


  2. Ahhh but if you are BORG,
    YOU are in the collective, so you are ONE therfore one mind one body,
    do as I say NOT as I do
    Therefore I AM

    I THINK.....

  3. You appear to be taking this out of context. If you read the Ofcom consultation paper on EIR it (Fig.1) lists the information which is currently publicly available and lists the additional information which will be made available under EIR.


    It does not cover ham radio info but does include business radio, fixed microwave links, etc.