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Saturday, 7 August 2010

144MHz Low Power Contest

The RSGB's 144MHz Low Power Contest is today at 1400-2000 (UTC). Maximum output Power 25W at the TX. RST , Serial Number (starting at 001) and a 6 character (e.g. IO92JL) locator plus first 2 letters of your Postcode. Scoring is one point per Kilometre multiplied by the number of Countries plus Postcodes plus QTH locator squares.

I have printed out a log this time so no forgetting to write in the time like I did on Tuesday night. If I feel I did okay I might actually up load my log this time. Not that it is worth getting competitive about because I just cannot compete with stations who have 4 x 16 elements on 100 foot towers who live on the East coast and can rack up the continental stations like shelling peas even if they are only running 25 watts. It would be too easy to suggest that they might be running a couple of kilowatts as well but that would be without substantiation, so I will not do that and after all I can't accuse anyone or they might not come back to my call. So I am just going to have some fun and hopefully I will get off page one of my new log sheets.

Update: It is one minute after the above contests and that was one of the biggest none events I have ever tried to take part in. After six hours I have seven stations in my log and I only heard one station I did not work and he was only heard working others and was never on his own frequency. A bit of a contrast to Tuesday night and the 144MHz activity night where I worked that many stations in the first six minutes. What makes it more galling is that before the contest many people were working sporadic E in to Portugal on the same band.


  1. Might want to check that power...

    25W doesn't sound very QRP.

  2. >25W doesn't sound very QRP

    I don't make the rules for the contest, that would be the RSGB VHF contest committee. How low do you want to go on 144MHz? 25w on VHF is a bit less than the 400w a couple of stations were running in the Tuesday night RSGB Activity Contest on the same band. SSB on VHF/UHF requires a bit more power than CW on HF if you want to compete and most people run 100w minimum during HF contests.

    Seven stations in the log tells me there was not much activity as one of the stations I worked was 220.8 miles away.