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Friday, 7 May 2010

Wouxun go mainstream

Those of you have been reading my blog will realise I have for a while been will know that I think that the big three Japanese radio manufacturers should be watching their backs because the Chinese are coming. I have bought four Wouxun dual band 2m/70cm KG-UVD1Ps for my family, I have the Wouxun KG-699E HF 66-88 mhz for use on 70cms and I have started a bit of a craze for them with members of both my radio club and Raynet group. I am impressed by the quality in relation to the cost which with a little development could easily match that from the big names. Well those big names need to start panicing because Wouxun has a stand at Dayton Hamvention. Wouxon-US says that it will be at booth is #172, just inside the North Hall entrance and to the right and will have 100 units plus accessories packed up and ready to go at a special Hamvention price. It will be interesting to see if that price is less than the $80 plus postage being charged on eBay by sellers in Hong Kong.

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  1. I have a KGUVD1 2m / 70cm handie, It is my second one, I upgraded from the previous model as I needed DTMF to cotrol Echolink nodes. Both models are very impressive. Sensitivity and selectivity is excellent, the battery lasts and lasts and just refuses to run flat! I am just ordering a KG699 4m set. What you get for the money is terrific. I know of 4 other hams who have bought Wouxun based on my experience of them and all are delighted. Watch out you Japanese!!!