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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Success for International SOTA Weekend

International SOTA Weekend is looking like a massive success. I am stuck in work and so can only watch the spots coming in. By 10am this morning there were already fifty spots on SOTAwatch and as I write this there are over 200. For the chasers who can work all bands and all modes all weekend there will be some massive points logged. It is therefore a good job that the SOTA database is back up and working after the problems caused by the host switching to a new server. There are still a few niggling issues caused by changes of address to be worked out and the management team have been working hard both to sort the problems and deflect the brickbats. If only some people could get it in their heads that these are volunteers doing the work. I am of course a bit miffed at being out of the game during a period of such high activity, but anything that grows SOTA has to be good in my books. Someone called Summit on the Air the poor mans IOTA, but I think the accessibility of hills and mountains to the average radio amateur has lifted SOTA to something much bigger and miles more fun.

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