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Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh Bother!

I had a few hours this morning and I just went to have a look at my web site http://www.gw7aav.com as it is a while since I did any up-dates there and was dismayed to find that it was broken. I think I know why. I used images from my previous site on the new one and instead of uploading them to the new one I linked to the old site's image directory. I had intended to redo some of the graphics, but it got put on hold as I did not have a copy of Photoshop on my new Windows 7 machine. I have a shiny new copy of Photoshop installed now so it looks like a lot of work to up-date and restore the images. My news headlines page has not up-dated since September either so another issue to address. Sometimes the Internet is fun but it can easily become a chore quite quickly.

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