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Friday, 30 April 2010

Dumb DXers

What the hell is it with dumb DXers? I am thinking of starting a black book of stations I will not work if they call me on a DX-pedition or whatever. The bands have been in reasonable shape for a couple of days and I have found a number of prefixes not in my log-book calling without anyone going back to them. They were not calling for any particular area but as soon as I called them they shouted "North America only!" and carried on calling CQ. Well stuff you too!

What I cannot figure is in that a number of cases I was actually several thousand miles further away than from them than North America. What the fascination is with the US I cannot work out either. One Arab operator even gave the North America cold shoulder to a number of rare South American calls. The same idiot even had the cheek of answering one of my CQ calls after I had moved up the band when I found I was not wanted. Sorry Abdul but I could not hear you even though you were 5/9. My problem is that I just feel I cut off my nose of to spite my face because I still need that country in my log for 17m. Maybe I should call a very quiet G then shout W7AAV so they call me in? Oh well, back to the pile ups. "CQ North Africa only!"

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  1. That's Why I Don't Do DX. Okay. I live in an RF hole and have attic antennas. But that's the other reason.