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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Proud Parents

Just to warn the world that two of our children have just got their novice callsigns. Adam who no longer lives with us and is second of the three boys is now MW6AFK (Away From Keyboard) and Caroline who is only 15 and eldest of our two girls is now MW6CLF (Caroline Loves Fridays). They were among a group of four at Mold and District Amateur Radio Club that passed their tests on Saturday. Congratulations also to Vic and Graham who also passed and should have their calls soon.

Mum and Dad are very proud and are looking forward to doing the odd mass family SOTA activation some time soon. From time to time the qualification of a summit can now be provided on almost any band from one QTH ;0)

Caroline and Adam will be joining the Intermediate course starting 21st April at Mold. We have seven candidates so far for the course. If anyone wishes to join the classes please left me know. My email is on QRZ.com.

We are hoping to persuade the rest of our kids to join the fun next time around.


  1. That's great! I wish I could persuade my XYL to get a ticket. But if, as mentioned in M6RDP's blog a few weeks back, they are going to do away with the Foundation license because too many holders are abusing it, the chance gets less and less likely by the minute.

  2. I don't know where Adam got his information from but I find it somewhat unlikely. Having had some experience of the modern way of they do things I feel that maybe the foundation test is too easy. I would suggest that a Foundation licence should expire after a period of say two or three years and then the Intermediate would have to be passed and so on until a Full licence was held, but I know how hard it is for some people to find a course near them that suits their working hours and other commitments. The other alternative is a harder test but I feel that some of the younger operators I have seen licensed might have struggled and not only are they the future of amateur radio but some of them are better ops than some of the old hands and full of enthusiasm too. Most of the abuse I have heard lately has come from older ops who are loosing their marbles or pirates and not Foundation licence holders.