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Saturday, 21 November 2009

SOTA & Ham Radio in the News

Richard G3CWI is the guy who a lot of you may know as the brains behind SOTABeams the manufacturer and supplier of lightweight amateur radio products for portable HF and VHF operation and G3CWI's Amazing Online Flea Market which allows hams to buy and sell their used equipment.
Richard recently became the first person to activate all the English Hills in the Summits on The Air program by making a minimum of four unique QSOs from each summit. Operating from a total of 178 summits often under difficult weather conditions to achieve his goal. Not that Richard is content to stop there as he has activated from a considerable number of summits in Wales and Scotland as well and has done a lot of hills multiple times on all sorts of bands up on frequencies up in to the microwaves. He has now got some worthwhile publicity for Amateur Radio in his local newspaper the Macclesfield Express, which printed a picture of him on a summit and described his achievement.
Well done Richard and thanks for bringing the hobby to the attention of a wider audience. Now instead of being asked what we are doing on the hills around Macc everyone will ask "Are you that SOTA guy?"

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  1. Interesting article, though I suppose at least half the people who read it will just think he's bonkers. I never realized that the term "Marilyns" to describe English hills was a joke on the Scottish "Munros". Perhaps if the Scottish hills were called "Monroes" I might have got it.