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Sunday, 15 November 2009

G0VBC - The Kite Runner

Another station in my log today was G0VBC who was operating portable on 5mHz from a field not far from his home in Wolverhampton using a kite to support an inverted vee antenna. His signals were good to excellent until the wind dropped when he would disappear for a short while. I have always wanted to try a kite to support a vertical but never thought about using it with an inverted vee. I would have thought having two wires and the feeder hanging from the kite along with the flying line would be a recipe for disaster but 'Mashoo' seems to have got it sussed, by having a lanyard on the kite he can raise, lower and change antennas without bringing the kite back down to earth. Have a look at Mashoo.org.uk which is interesting but written in a hard to read white on black and in lower case. He says he will update the site shortly based on todays tests. For more information on kite antennas also look at G4VGO's balloon and kite antenna site here.

Update thanks to Graham GW0HUS for this link to G4ROJ's kite aerials
Update 2 G0VBC's details of the antenna including modelling data


  1. > hard to read white on black

    Tip: use Firefox and download the Web Developer toolbar add-on. This allows you (amongst many other things) to disable the page colours so that the text is readable.

    Martyn M1MAJ

  2. Good tip Martyn. I actually cut and pasted in to a Word document using 'paste special' and 'unformatted text'.