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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Opening on Four Metres

This is my first Blog post and last night was the first opening I have heard on four the metre band. I only have an AKD FM set for 70mHz but Slovenia was booming through in the form of Ivan S51DI on 70.450mHz. He was easily 5/9 at times but the sporadic e was tuely sporadic with the signal vanishing and then coming back loud and proud sometimes halfway through a word. There were other stations from Slovenia also calling and just as loud, but a look on the DX cluster showed that SSB was the place to be. Oh for a transverter!

I had no chance with just 25watts into a Watson vertical antenna and was kicking myself that I hadn't yet got my four element J-beam erected, but it gave me hope that in the future I will grab some real DX on the so called 'magic band'.

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