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Sunday, 31 May 2009

How to be a hambarasment Part 2

I personally hate tattoos. I had a friend once who was a kick boxer and he had the full body tats that you see on Japanese gangsters. Consequently when he went to Japan to train and for competitions he was treated, in his words, "like a god". It took a while but eventually he clicked that they thought he was a Yakuza and were being careful to keep him sweet. Over the years we had many discussions on the subject but my position on body art has always been, don't get a tattoo put it on a tee-shirt you can change that.

I have never seen anyone with a ham radio tattoo so I was quite surprised to find these...

Sorry guys they may not be as geeky as the watch in my previous posts but you must be poor sad buggers to go through life sporting those.

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