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Friday, 29 May 2009

DK7ZB Antenna Miester

When I was first licensed almost everyone you spoke to seemed incredibly knowledgeable about things amateur radio. At the very least they were experts in their own branch of the hobby. Over the years the gradual move from expertise to blackbox operators has been obvious. The present system of Foundation, Intermediate and Full licences has been necessary of that I have no doubt. We definitely need new blood in the hobby. There are however more people that are 'dumber than a rock' when it comes to their chosen hobby.

There are still plenty of experts out there and the Internet gives everyone the chance to draw on that expertise and become less dumb. Amateur Radio is after all about 'self training'.

Even amongst the self styled amateur radio gurus with sites on the web there are those that demand more respect than others. One of those is Martin Steyer DK7ZB who I personally consider to be the Antenna Miester. If you want to build antennas this is where to go...

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